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Our Approach

Our Approach to consulting is one of being Relationship based, playing the roles of

  • Associates
  • Facilitators
  • Change Agents
  • Growth Catalysts

We believe and practice the art of make-it-happen consulting, as opposed to conceptual solution methodology.

Visisht believes that each organization is a unique entity and that the issues and concerns that it faces would also therefore be unique. The ideas for addressing the solutions to be developed and the mode of implementation would all have to be customized for each client. This, we achieve by working closely with clients, not just to give them our ideas, but to help them develop the solution themselves.

For this facilitation to work, we draw on the extensive industry experience of each of our team members as well as our aggregate consulting experience over a wide range of industry sectors. This practical and consulting expertise is augmented by continuous research by a dedicated team.

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