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Our Vision:
To achieve leadership position in our business and be the Most Preferred Partner of our client

At Visisht, we believe that it is the commitment, passion and client-consultant partnership that we seek to bring into each of our associations, which forms the means for fulfilment of our vision.

Our Mission:
Value Innovation Through People & Processes

Organizations in today's environment are faced with global competition and a relentless need to produce goods which match the best in the class; and the two critical parameters that underpin this ability of organizations to stay competitive are People & Processes.
When people with the right set of competencies, at desired levels of proficiency, work with processes which have been futuristically designed, configured and fine tuned, the organization will be able to meet up challenges of the market place and generate returns for all stake holders on a sustainable basis.

This insight went into the framing of our work principles when Visisht was founded.

Our Founding Principles
Enabling our clients to become WORLD CLASS through

  • Customer Focus
  • Process Focus
  • Human Focus
  • Development Focus
  • Value Focus
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